our services

Grant Applications:

  • Preparing responses to RFP’s
  • Drafting grant proposals and applications
  • Managing grant teams
  • Development of completion timelines
  • Review of project budgets
  • Background research on project focus areas
  • Coordination of application submission process
  • Tracking of application review process.

Program Design:

  • Program design and budget development consulting
  • Strategic development of future projects 

Funding Research

  • Researching grant funding opportunities in government and private sectors
  • Evaluating and categorizing funding prospects
  • Advising on community outreach activities and advocacy

Other Services:

  • Preparing letters of inquiry, letters of intent
  • Coordination of collaborator and partner participation
  • Post-award reporting
  • Managing compliance audits and pre-award site visits
  • Developing grant department position descriptions
  • Communications and advocacy activities



My theme for philanthropy is the same approach I used with technology: to find a need and fill it. 

An Wang